AEO certified

The AEO system is a system in which customs offices around the world approve and certify businesses that have a well-developed cargo security management and compliance system. Based on this certification, we strive to provide high-quality logistics services in all areas of Customs clearance clearance. In Japan, we have obtained the certifications of "AEO Customs broker" and "AEO Warehouse operator."

AEO certification 01
AEO certification 02
Nissin Group AEO Certification Acquisition Status
Company Name Certification Certification date
NISSIN INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT U.S.A., INC. C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) September 2003
NISSIN TRANSPORT GMBH Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F) June 2009
NISSIN TRANSPORT (CANADA) INC. Partners in Protection March 2010
Nissin AEO Customs broker [Certification number: 11B00013] September 2011
NISSIN LOGISTICS POLAND SP. Z O.O. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-S) July 2012
Kyushu Nissin AEO Customs broker October 2012
Nissin AEO Warehouse operator [approval number: 13B00404] December 2013
SIAM NISTRANS CO., LTD. Authorized Economic Operator April 2014
Changshu Nissin Authorized Economic Operator January 2016
Aichi Nissin AEO Customs broker September 2017
NISSIN ABC LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED Authorized Economic Operator March 2019
NISSIN (U.K.) LTD. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-C&S) December 2019
NISSIN FRANCE S.A.S. Authorized Economic Operator February 2022



Nissin Group has acquired ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, and has been able to maintain high-quality logistics services and improve customer satisfaction.

List of ISO9001 certified locations
Company name/base name Target business Certification date Certification body
Changshu Nissin International transportation/domestic transportation/warehousing operations 1997.12.30

China mass certification center

(China Quality Certification Center)

NISSIN TRANSPORT GMBH Hamburg branch Warehouse operations, delivery operations, ancillary services, international transportation (land, sea, and air) 1999.03.09 DEKRA Certification GmbH

Neuss Head Office

Frankfurt Airport Branch

Düsseldorf Airport Branch

Tilburg Branch (Netherlands) 2020.02.29
Barcelona Branch (Spain) 2021.03.26
NISSIN BELGIUM N.V. Forwarding and Logistics Services 2021.07.27 SGS Belgium NV
NISSIN TRANSPORT GES. MBH Warehouse operations, delivery operations, ancillary services, international transportation (land, sea, and air) 2020.02.29 DERKA Certification GmbH
NISSIN FRANCE S.A.S. Warehouse operations, delivery operations, ancillary services, international transportation (land, sea, and air) 2022.04.06 DEKRA Certification GmbH
shanghai gaoxin Sea/ Air cargo import/export operations, warehouse operations, etc. 2003.08.01 Shanghai NQA Certification Co., Ltd
Chugai Un Nissin

Beijing head office

Guangzhou branch

Tianjin branch

International comprehensive logistics business 2015.03.03

General standard technology service

(SGS United Kingdom Ltd Systems & Services Certification)


Dalian Branch

Qingdao branch

Nakayama Branch

Wuhan branch


Inner Mongolia Branch

NISSIN LOGISTICS (VN) CO., LTD. Hanoi Head Office Logistics services, cargo handling, International multimodal Transport, warehouse operations, Customs clearance operations 2018.05.07 BVQA International Certification Body
Hong Kong Nissin ATL Logistics Center A Warehouse operations, delivery operations 2019.10.09 Bureau Veritas Certification Hong Kong Ltd.
NISSIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS (M) SDN. BHD. Forwarding, domestic transportation, warehousing 2020.03.30 LRQA Limited

Bangkok head office

airport office

(Suvarnabhumi Airport)

Ayutthaya branch

Marine/air forwarding, transportation operations, warehousing operations 2021.02.18 TÜV NORD (Thailand) Ltd.
NISSIN TRANSPORT (S) PTE. LTD. Providing high quality and comprehensive SCM 2021.04.27 ISOCert Pte Ltd


GDP Certification

GDP Certification

Following our efforts in Germany, France, and Belgium, our Nanko Warehouse in Thailand, Austria, and Japan (Suminoe Ward, Osaka City) also received GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certification, which sets quality standards for pharmaceutical distribution. Through this, we aim to handle a wide range of pharmaceutical products, utilize our group's global network, and create further order opportunities.

Halal certification

Halal certification

Two of our local subsidiaries, one in Singapore and one in Indonesia, have obtained Halal certification, which involves strict quality and hygiene control in accordance with Islamic law in warehousing operations. In order to meet the high needs of our customers, we ensure and provide a seamless Supply Chain.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

Kobe Maya Refrigerated Warehouse and Kobe Port International Distribution Center have obtained HACCP certification, which is a comprehensive safety and health management method for food handling that is recognized as an international standard, and together with ISO certification, we provide high-quality food logistics services. .

Excellent safety office

Excellent safety office

Minamihonmoku Logistics Center (Nissin Corporation) and Tsurumi Office (NISSIN RIKUUN CO., LTD.) have received certification as an excellent safety business that fairly evaluates and certifies the safety of trucking companies. Masu. We will continue to raise awareness of safety improvements and aim to become an even more trusted logistics company.

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