Our History

Since its founding in 1938, the Nissin Group has taken on the challenge of creating new logistics services that the world truly needs during some of the most challenging times in modern history. We have expanded our services to land, ocean, and air transport, not to mention warehousing and travel, having steadily evolved by quickly building out our international multimodal transport capabilities. In this process, we have carved out new paths as a pioneer in logistics, inspiring people around the world. Below, we will take a closer look at three events that have shaped Nissin’s journey.

Yokohama Head Office around 1947

Revitalized China-Japan business relations 
by handling international exhibition transport services for China before the normalization of diplomatic relations

Nissin has focused on its logistics business in China since 1955 when it provided transport and installation services for China’s first ever international commodity exhibition held in Tokyo and Osaka. This came much earlier than the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two nations in 1972. Since then, we have continued to strengthen our business footprint as a pioneer in China-Japan logistics. This has included starting the first ocean container transport service between Japan and China (1973), opening of the Beijing Office (1981), and the Shanghai Office (1987), contributing to the revitalization of business between the two countries.

In 2005, Nissin established a joint venture with Sinotrans, China's largest logistics company. Together, we are building extremely efficient supply chain management for global logistics that utilizes our existing network in China and Sinotrans' logistics network of more than 3,000 locations in China.

We have also played a key role in transport operations at major international events held in China. These include the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where we were in charge of the integrated transport of broadcasting equipment, and Expo 2010 Shanghai China, where we transported exhibits for the Japanese Industry Pavilion and Osaka Pavilion.

Courtesy of The Association for the Promotion of International Trade, Japan

Connected Japan, Europe and Latin America with 
Japan’s first-ever international multimodal transport service, helping supply Japanese products to the world

The 1960s proved to be a pivotal time for Nissin as it laid the groundwork to become a global logistics company. This was when the company commercialized international multimodal transport services symbolized by the Trans-Siberian Land Bridge and Sea & Air.

The Trans-Siberian Land Bridge is an international transport service that connects Japan, Asia and Europe in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost by combining the Trans-Siberian Railway with multiple modes of transportation such as ship and truck. Since becoming the first company in the industry to use the Trans-Siberian Railway in 1965 to transport oak wood to Finland, we have been actively expanding the Trans-Siberian Land Bridge transport business. In particular, our exclusive “Tracons” route, which transports cargo via truck to their final destination in Europe, was a rather unique route that we established independently. It later developed into a door-to-door service that was indispensable for leading export industries of the time, such as home appliances, automobile parts, and chemicals.

In 1968, we partnered with Air Canada, which at the time did not serve Japan, to start Sea & Air services between Japan and Europe and Latin America. In the 1980s, we developed another Sea & Air service between Japan and Europe via Vladivostok. These routes have supported the logistics of automobiles and various other industries.

Courtesy of Russian Railways

Established a foundation as a true international logistics company  
by accelerating our global expansion starting with the U.S.

In the 1970s, we focused on strengthening our service system around the world in order to respond to fast-paced overseas expansion of corporate Japan. In December 1973, we established our first overseas subsidiary, Nissin International Transport U.S.A., Inc. Following this, we greatly accelerated the expansion of our overseas footprint with the opening of our Singapore and Beijing representative offices (1981), the establishment of our local subsidiary, Nissin U.K. Ltd. (1984) after gradually dissolving the London Branch Office, and the establishment of our Canadian subsidiary, Nissin Transport Canada Inc. (1985).

Since then, we have further expanded our global presence by establishing local subsidiaries in Germany, Thailand, and France, creating joint ventures in China, and opening branches and offices in core cities. Today, we are building the Nissin Global Network, which covers 36 locations in 24 countries and regions, in addition to Japan. We will continue to pursue the highest quality logistics services on the world stage in order to deliver inspiration and joy to people.

Staff at the time of opening the London Branch Office (top) / Commemorative party on the establishment of a joint venture company in Shanghai (bottom)
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