Promotion system

In order to effectively and reliably promote the Group's compliance activities in an organized manner, we have established a Compliance Committee chaired by the president. This committee formulates company-wide policies and important measures regarding compliance, confirms the status of implementation, investigates causes of compliance violations such as legal violations and harassment, and deliberates on measures to prevent recurrence, etc., and reports the status of activities to the Board of Directors every six months. is reporting.

Compliance system diagram
Organization chart

Whistleblowing system

We have established rules for handling whistle-blowing in order to quickly detect and correct violations of laws and internal regulations, such as business misconduct and harassment, as well as acts that may pose a risk of such violations. stipulates investigations and corrections, etc.

In addition to a help desk for internal reporting, we have also established an external reporting desk (advisory law firm).

Reporting desk
Inside the company
  • Compliance Committee Secretariat (Nissin employees, employees of affiliated companies)

  • Human Resources Department Harassment Report/Consultation Desk (Nissin Employees)

Outside the company
  • Law firm reporting external reception desk (Nissin employees, domestic affiliate company employees)

Compliance education/training

We have established a "Charter of Corporate Behavior" and a "Compliance Manual," which stipulate our compliance system and other compliance matters such as antitrust laws, subcontracting laws, and insider trading, and publish them on our internal bulletin board. In addition, we strive to provide thorough compliance education and raise employees' awareness of legal compliance through compliance training, including e-learning, and internal dissemination of the "Legal Compliance Office Newsletter."

Newsletter from the Legal and Compliance Office - Main themes to date
  • Subcontract Act

  • antitrust law

  • Intellectual property law, copyright

  • Various business laws and regulations

  • contract, agreement

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