Transportation of fresh fish cargo (Fukuoka → Taiwan)

Transportation of fresh fish cargo (Fukuoka → Taiwan)

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Fresh fish purchased early in the morning in Fukuoka can be delivered to stores in Taiwan on the same day.

Background/Customer issues

I would like to buy fresh fish from Fukuoka market early in the morning and export it to Taiwan on the same day.

Working towards a solution

We will receive your cargo purchased at the market at Fukuoka Airport, complete Export declaration / permition, and load it on the same afternoon flight on the same day. The item can be picked up by Taiwan (Consignee) and delivered to the store on the same day.

1. Early morning

Purchase at the market and bring the products to Fukuoka Airport

Bring to Fukuoka Airport

2. 9:00~

We receive products from customers, prepare them for shipping, and Carrying in to the export Upper Yard.

Carrying in to export Upper Yard

3. 10:00~

Export declaration → Export permition

4. 13:00

Flight from Fukuoka Airport

Flight from Fukuoka Airport

5. 16:00

Arrival at Taipei Airport

6. Night

Pick up the product from Consignee and deliver it to the store

Displayed in the fresh produce department


We can receive cargo purchased from the market early in the morning, complete Export declaration and permition on the same day, and export to Taiwan while maintaining maximum freshness.

Related information

We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
Please feel free to contact us. Our sales representative will explain the details in detail.