Realizing a decarbonized society

Initiatives to reduce GHG emissions in business

Introduction of electric vehicles (EV)

GHG(Scope1) as a measure to reduce EV We are proceeding with the introduction of At Haga Office in Tochigi prefecture, in cooperation with local business partners, we have a facility for delivering vehicle parts, etc. EV Introduced a truck. In addition, our consolidated subsidiary, SIAM NISTRANS CO., LTD., 2023 Year 6 The group's first EV We are installing a trailer.

EVsnot only do not emit GHGs or pollutants, but also achieve low noise and vibration due to motor running, which is highly effective in solving noise problems and reducing the burden on drivers.

EV trailer introduced at SIAM NISTRANS CO., LTD.
EV trailer introduced at SIAM NISTRANS CO., LTD.
EV truck at Haga Office
EV truck at Haga Office

Promoting modal shift

We are working to reduce GHG emissions by using rail and Ocean transport, which have a lower environmental impact, instead of long-distance truck transportation.

Rail transport

Compared to truck transportation, rail transportation emits about 1/10 the CO 2 per ton-kilometer, making it extremely effective in reducing GHG emissions.It also reduces environmental impact by eliminating traffic congestion and improving transportation efficiency. It is also effective in reducing

Domestic container rail transport service

We provide an International multimodal Transport service that combines Core transportation with collection and delivery by trucks from departure and arrival stations, and we offer this to our customers as a solution to the shortage of truck drivers in addition to reducing environmental impact.

Domestic container rail transport service

Indonesian rail transport service

Our consolidated subsidiary PT.NISSIN JAYA INDONESIA provides rail transportation services between Jakarta and Surabaya. This is a combination of rail and truck transportation using sea containers that are transported in the same section, and compared to transporting the entire process by truck, it not only reduces GHG emissions, but also stabilizes lead times and reduces damage. It is also effective in reducing the rate.

Indonesian rail transport service

Vietnam North-South Rail Transport Service

Our group company NR GREENLINES LOGISTICS CO., LTD., provides a north-south rail transportation service that connects Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for approximately 1,700 km via Da Nang. This is an environmentally friendly logistics service that uses a block train that uses our own developed freight cars (car wagons) and containers, and can reduce CO₂ emissions by approximately 60% compared to truck transportation.

Vietnam North-South Rail Transport Service

Domestic Ocean transport

RO-RO ship transportation

A RO-RO ship is a ship in which a truck or trailer loaded with cargo moves on its own and transports the cargo. By combining truck and Ocean transport, it is possible to significantly reduce GHG emissions compared to transporting the same area by truck alone. In addition, Ocean transport has various advantages, such as on-time operation, smooth transportation that is not affected by road conditions, and eliminating the shortage of drivers. Our company provides regular route services for RO-RO ships.

RO-RO ship transportation 1
RO-RO ship transportation 2

Coastal shipping

Domestic shipping, which connects domestic ports and transports large amounts of cargo over long distances, is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly means of transportation. They also played an active role in the emergency transportation of supplies when land routes were cut off, such as during earthquakes. Our company provides tramp route services for domestic vessels.

Domestic shipping 1
Domestic vessel transport 2

container round use

Container round use means that after container Vanning at an import base, the empty container is not returned to the container depot at the port, but the inside of the container is cleaned and then transported to a nearby export shipper and reused as an export container. The distance that containers are transported empty during both import and export operations is significantly shortened, leading to a reduction in GHG emissions. In addition, by using inland container depots, resources such as truck drivers and containers, which have become a serious shortage problem in recent years, can be used more efficiently, and it can also indirectly contribute to relieving congestion at ports. Since then, we are promoting the use of this scheme to shippers who can apply it.

container round use

Facilities with reduced environmental impact

Promoting the elimination of fluorocarbons

Specified/alternative CFC gases used as refrigerants in refrigerated and Frozen warehouse, for which demand has been increasing in recent years, have an extremely high global warming potential and impact on the ozone layer in the event of a leak, so we are gradually switching to natural refrigerants at our facilities. We are proceeding with the switch and are working to reduce GHG emissions.

Introduction base

Maya Refrigerated Warehouse, Heiwajima Refrigerated Logistics Center

Truck reservation system

We have introduced a cloud-based truck reservation system certified by the Logistics Comprehensive Efficiency Act at our warehouse bases. By pre-booking time for trucks to pick up and deliver cargo at the warehouse, the warehouse can efficiently prepare cargo, and the truck can significantly reduce waiting time at the warehouse, realizing efficient work for both parties. In addition to reducing GHG emissions, this system is also effective as a countermeasure against the shortage of truck drivers.

Introduction base

Maya Nishi Refrigerated Warehouse, Heiwajima Refrigerated Logistics Center

Introduction of LED lighting

We are promoting the use of LED lighting in warehouse facilities and offices to reduce power consumption and associated GHG emissions (Scope 2). As of the end of March 2023, approximately 50% of our locations have introduced LEDs, and we will continue to expand the number of locations that have introduced LEDs.

LED at Yokohama Heavyweight Packaging Center
LED at Yokohama Heavyweight Packaging Center

Switching to renewable energy

The majority of our GHG emissions come from electricity use, and switching to renewable electricity has a significant effect on reducing GHG emissions.

Installation of solar panels

We have installed solar panels on the roof of our facility to generate renewable electricity. At Kanagawa Wharf, which began operations in September 2023, we installed our first self-consumption type solar power generation panels, contributing to reducing our GHG emissions (Scope 2) and improving our renewable power usage rate. .

Solar power generation equipment installation base
Company Name Base name Location Time of introduction Annual power generation forecast *1
Forecast of annual reduction in CO2 emissions *1
Nissin Co., Ltd. Sakai Logistics Center *2 Osaka Prefecture
Sakai City
2013/3 1,300,000 400
Nissin Co., Ltd. Kanagawa Wharf Warehouse *3 Kanagawa Prefecture
2023/9 40,000 20
  • Figures are expected values based on past performance and equipment capacity.

  • Electricity sales using the FIT system

  • Created a green power certificate and utilized environmental value at our Oi Warehouse (Ota-ku, Tokyo)

Switching to renewable energy power contract

We are switching power contracts to renewable energy at warehouses, terminals, offices, etc., and are working to reduce our GHG emissions (Scope 2).

Renewable power introduction base
Company Name Base name Location Time of introduction Annual power consumption forecast *
Forecast of annual reduction in CO2 emissions*
Nissin Co., Ltd. 8 locations in Kansai area
(Sakai Logistics Center, Nanko L-2 Terminal, Shiomiminato Pier Office, Maya Refrigerated Warehouse, Maya West Cold Storage Warehouse, Maya-futo Warehouse, PIL-11 Sales Office, PIL-13 Sales Office)
Osaka prefecture/
Hyogo prefecture
2022/10 6,000,000 2,000
Nissin Co., Ltd. Tokyo Head Office Tokyo
Chiyoda Ward
2022/11 600,000 300
Nissin Co., Ltd. Heiwajima Refrigerated Logistics Center Tokyo
2023/1 2,000,000 1,000
  • The figures are estimated values based on past figures reported under the Energy Saving Act.

Sponsoring wind power generation projects

Our company is supporting the wind power generation project (Hama Wing) being promoted by Yokohama City as part of promoting the use of renewable energy and combating global warming. The electricity generated by Hama Wing is supplied to businesses in Yokohama City, contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions as clean energy derived from nature.

Yokohama City Wind Power Plant (Hama Wing)
Yokohama City Wind Power Plant (Hama Wing)

Promotion of energy saving activities

Business classification evaluation system (Energy Conservation Law)

Our company falls under the category of ``Specified Business Operator'' under the ``Act on the Rational Use of Energy (Energy Saving Act)'' and measures the energy used at each location every month and regularly reports the results to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry every year. . In addition, in order to improve the efficiency of energy use, we have set the goal of "reducing the average basic unit for 5 years by 1% or more per year", and have received the S class rating given to companies that have achieved this goal for 8 consecutive years (2021 emissions results). .

Trends in energy usage
  2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Average for 5 years
Basic unit change
energy usage
Crude oil equivalent (KL)
7,557 7,232 7,005 7,372 7,236  
Basic unit of energy usage 3,079 2,844 2,786 2,758 2,709  
Compared to the previous year (%) 92.4% 98.0% 99.0% 98.2% 96.9%
  • Energy saving report value (single)

Global warming countermeasures (initiatives based on Yokohama City ordinances regarding preservation of the living environment, etc.)

Based on Article 89, Paragraph 6, Items 1 and 2 of the Yokohama City Ordinance Enforcement Regulations Concerning Preservation of Living Environment, etc., we have announced our efforts.

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