mexico logistics services

mexico logistics services

  • Warehouse/Storage
  • Automobile related

Mexico - North America's automotive industry development center.

Background/Customer issues

  • We are considering transporting equipment from the port to the factory site.

  • We are considering transporting and exporting products from the factory.

Working towards a solution

Our company is based in Mexico, which is an export hub for North and South America and where auto parts, electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers are actively expanding into Mexico, and we have been handling production and logistics.

Celaya office
Celaya office

Celaya office
The Celaya warehouse in Guanajuato state, central Mexico, has an IMMEX (Bonded warehouse) license, and as a multi-warehouse, we perform final storage of imported production parts, JIT delivery, and export packaging.


We support the global expansion of our customers' businesses with consistent and reliable services ranging from transportation, storage, to complex Customs clearance procedures.


  • Heavy machinery equipment transportation

  • Global procurement parts transportation

  • Transportation of manufactured parts to the United States and South America

We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
Please feel free to contact us. Our sales representative will explain the details in detail.