Sustainability management

Basic way of thinking

Sustainability philosophy system

Based on our basic sustainability policy, which is based on our corporate philosophy, we have established four sustainability themes. Through our business activities, Nissin Group will contribute to the sustainable development of society on a global scale.

Sustainability philosophy system

Materiality (important issues)

Based on our group's Purpose `` Touch the hearts of all, delivering global happiness and peace'' and our basic sustainability policy, we have identified four materialities related to sustainability. We will strive to realize a sustainable society and improve corporate value by resolving the identified materiality through our group's business activities.

Materiality identification process

Materiality identification process

Important issues related to sustainability (materiality)



Major initiatives

Related SDGs

Natural capital “Earth”

Realizing a decarbonized society and

environmentally friendly

Contributing to a recycling-oriented society

  • Environmentally friendly logistics

    (Using returnable containers andproposing logistics using railways and coastal ships)

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Converting to renewable energy and introducing energy-saving equipment

  • Response to abnormal weather and natural disasters

  • Complying with environmental regulations

  • Cooperation with forest regeneration and conservation activities

Related SDGs1
Manufacturing/Intellectual Capital “Quality”

Introducing cutting-edge technology and

Providing high quality services

  • Promoting logistics innovation and DX using cutting-edge technology

  • Providing safe and attentive high-quality services

  • Expanding dialogue and information dissemination

  • Building partnerships with business partners

  • Eliminating illegal labor in Supply Chain

Related SDGs2
Human and intellectual capital “people”

Respect for each person and

Maximize individual abilities

Creating an environment where people can demonstrate their abilities

  • Capability development through human resource development and specialized skill acquisition

  • Optimal placement of human resources

  • respect for diversity
    (Promotion of diversity)

  • Creating a comfortable workplace for women and promoting them to management positions

  • Improving employee engagement

  • Creating a safe and comfortable work environment

  • Promotion of health management

Related SDGs3
Social capital “trust”

to all stakeholders

fair, valuable and hopeful

Business development

  • Building a sustainability promotion system

  • Expanding non-financial information disclosure

  • Strengthening corporate governance and risk management

  • Thorough compliance

  • Improving stakeholder engagement

  • Strengthening BCP initiatives

  • Thorough information management

Related SDGs4

Nissin and stakeholders

Building strong relationships of trust with stakeholders is essential for our company's sustainable growth. By actively engaging in dialogue and collaboration, we will contribute to the realization of sustainability for both our stakeholders and our company.

Nissin and stakeholders

Sustainability promotion system

The Sustainability Committee discusses important issues such as identifying and reviewing materiality, and regularly reports and makes recommendations to the Management Committee and Board of Directors.

Sustainability promotion system

Multi-stakeholder policy

In corporate management, we believe that building relationships of trust and co-creating value with a variety of stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, business partners, customers, creditors, and local communities, will contribute to our sustainable growth and increase in corporate value. As we believe that this is important, we are actively working on appropriate collaboration with multi-stakeholders.

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