Innovation strategy


Our history over more than 80 years has been a series of challenges and innovations in order to give form to our customers' ideas in the form of logistics services. In the 1960s, we were the first company in the industry to realize an "International multimodal Transport service'' that combined land, sea, and air transportation methods.  Even today, when the role expected of logistics companies is expanding and the business environment is changing dramatically, constant innovation and the creation of new businesses are essential if we are to remain the best partner for our customers.
Therefore, in our 7th Medium-Term Business Plan, "Nissin Next 7th," which started in 2022, we have set "challenging new fields of business" as one of our basic policies.
In light of the changes in the environment surrounding international logistics, we have established four areas: ``promotion of digitalization,'' ``diversification of logistics needs,'' ``digitization of logistics operations,'' and ``creation of new field business,'' and are collaborating with internal and external partners. We are promoting measures while doing so.

Over the five-year period of this medium-term plan, we will promote initiatives that respond to the digital society and do our best to transform our company and solve our customers' issues.

Innovation promotion system

Led by the DX Promotion Department, we are working on innovation together with a variety of partners from industry, government, and academia. We will also focus on developing DX human resources who will promote these initiatives.

Four initiatives

We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
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