Contributing to a recycling-oriented society

Resource circulation/waste reduction

Use of recycled plastic pallets

As one of our efforts to contribute to a recycling-oriented society, we use 100% recycled pallets made from used pallets, and have purchased approximately 50,000 pallets in total by fiscal 2022. Compared to virgin materials, recycled materials can reduce CO 2 emitted during the manufacturing process by approximately 70%, resulting in a cumulative GHG reduction effect of approximately 1,400 t-CO 2 by fiscal 2022.

In addition, we are introducing OBP recycled pallets, which are made from collected and recycled OBP (plastic waste discarded near the coast) as raw materials, and are working to reduce GHG emissions, as well as resource recycling and prevention of marine pollution. is.

OBP Palette
plastic smart certification

Waste recycling

We are working on waste separation and recycling at each site. We are recycling resources such as stretch film and cardboard from freight that were previously discarded. Additionally, we have installed a melting post for recycled paper at Tokyo Head Office, and by melting paper resources that were previously discarded, we are making it possible to reuse them as raw materials for paper.

HACO lab. Lab.

"HACO Lab." is a returnable operation service for packaging containers developed by our company. By visualizing returnable container inventory and reducing container loss and accumulation, we reduce container costs and contribute to waste reduction.

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