Risk management

Risk management system

Our group has established risk management rules to identify and manage all risks that may cause physical or economic loss. Additionally, we have established a Risk Management Committee, chaired by a senior executive officer, to recognize and identify important risks, evaluate and discuss loss avoidance measures, and conduct regular monitoring in an effort to strengthen risk management. Identified material risks are recognized as material risks for the group after approval by the Management Committee and Board of Directors, and countermeasures are considered and implemented.

Risk Management Structure
Organization chart

Internal control

Our group has established basic policies regarding the development of internal control systems to ensure the proper execution of duties by employees and directors and the appropriateness of company operations. In addition, the Internal Control Evaluation Committee, chaired by the president, has been established as an organization to supervise internal control evaluations for the Group. The committee deliberates and approves corrective measures for deficiencies, and reports important matters to the Board of Directors in an effort to build an effective internal control system.

Additionally, in order to ensure the proper execution of duties by officers and employees and the appropriateness of company operations, we have established a basic policy regarding the maintenance of internal control systems.

  • Excerpt from corporate governance report

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

In order to strengthen our resilience, our company has established crisis management regulations in anticipation of emergencies such as disasters and infectious diseases, and has also formulated a business continuity plan. Prioritizing human life and safety, we strive for initial response in emergencies and early business recovery, as well as disaster prevention and mitigation initiatives such as disaster countermeasures and disaster prevention training, thereby ensuring business continuity and contributing to society as a logistics company. We strive to fulfill our responsibilities. In March 2021, we received the DBJ BCM (Business Continuity Management) rating certification from the Development Bank of Japan, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "DBJ"), stating that our efforts in disaster prevention and business continuity are sufficient. DBJ BCM Rating is a rating that evaluates and selects companies with excellent disaster prevention and business continuity efforts.

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

Our company received a DBJ BCM rating loan from the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) in March 2021, and the rating result was rated as "sufficient efforts for business continuity."

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