Nissin Corporation Company Introduction ~ Infographics ~

As a "A pioneer in internatinal multimodal logistics," we are an international logistics company with a proven track record of approximately 80 years since our founding. We would like to introduce the appeal of our company through Infographics!


Nissin Osaka Office This promotional video introduces the company and spotlights its warehouses in the Kansai region.

Nissin 's chemical logistics

Chemical logistics is one of Nissin 's core businesses. We will introduce various sites from various angles.

Yokohama Heavyweight Packaging Center x Conventional ship cargo handling work

Cargo handling work was carried out at the quay in front of Yokohama Heavyweight Packaging Center by chartering a conventional ship. I tried to follow the work that I don't usually see.

Nissin 's global network connects the automotive Supply Chain- Marine and rail transportation services for the American Midwest -

This video introduces marine and rail services for the American Midwest using Nissin 's global network.

Delivered to Thailand in 24 hours! ~Nissin ’s emergency Air transport service~

This is a video of an emergency transport service using airmail from Japan to Thailand.

Digital forwarding “Forward ONE” service introduction

This is an introduction video of digital forwarding service "Forward ONE" provided by Nissin, a comprehensive logistics company. "Estimates", "work requests", and "progress management" for import and export can be done online.

Logistics container management system “HACO lab.” service introduction

There are always not enough containers when there should be enough. Container management takes up so much time that you can't concentrate on your core business. You can solve that problem with HACO lab.! ! Introducing the logistics container management system "HACO lab." proposed by Nissin, a comprehensive logistics company.

I looked at Honmoku Pier from the sky.

With the cooperation of related organizations, we took photos of Yokohama Port's Honmoku Wharf using a drone from Nissin 's Honmoku C-3 Upper Yard.

Introducing Senboku Port and Sukematsu Terminal - From Sakai to the world -

Sakai Senboku Port Sukematsu Terminal is located on the north side of Izumiotsu. We will introduce the benefits of using it, such as avoiding traffic congestion in the city during the Osaka Expo to be held in 2025, along with actual work.

We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
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