Document information management service

Document storage service
Leave the storage and management of your information to us!

My office is filled with documents that are rarely viewed but are very important...
The number of documents is increasing year by year and I am having trouble finding storage space...
I want to dispose of unnecessary documents, but I'm worried about information leaks...


Nissin 's document storage service supports everything from information collection to storage and deletion processing.


Safe, secure, space-saving

Safe, secure, space-saving
  • Perfect security (palm authentication, surveillance camera, motion sensor)

  • Various requests on the WEB (e-Library) (pick-up, inquiry, viewing, delivery, etc.)

  • Confidentiality in consideration of information leakage (shredding/dissolving)

  • Effective use of in-house space by outsourcing storage

  • Reduce administrative burden by outsourcing administrative tasks


E-Library (document management web system)

You can make various requests, inquiries, viewing, and delivery requests from your computer via the web.
We pick up, ship, and deliver even just one box.
You can also inquire about registration details and storage expiration dates online.

E-Library (document management web system)

WEB Inventry Control and shelf life management.

WEB Inventry Control and shelf life management.

We protect your company's confidentiality with our next-class security measures.

Storage room entry/exit management using palm authentication, card authentication, etc.

Through palm authentication, card authentication, etc.
Storage room entry/exit management

Mechanical security using surveillance cameras, human sensors, etc.

Using surveillance cameras, human sensors, etc.
mechanical security

We will even support you in deleting important information that is no longer needed upon request.

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We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
Please feel free to contact us. Our sales representative will explain the details in detail.