Nissin 's strengths

Since its founding, Nissin Group has continued to provide high value-added logistics services that are always ahead of the times as A pioneer in internatinal multimodal logistics. We would like to introduce four "strengths" that support our group's competitive advantage.

Strong global network

Build a rich network
We provide detailed services tailored to your needs.

We have built a logistics network of approximately 150 locations in 24 countries and regions around the world, and have 36 overseas subsidiaries (including some joint ventures). Utilizing this strong global network, we provide "international International multimodal Transport" and forwarding services that optimally combine all transportation methods, including Ocean transport, Air transport, rail and truck transportation. We respond to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated logistics needs of industry through seamless and detailed services. In particular, as a pioneer in logistics in China, we have a proven track record and trust for over 60 years.

Strong global network

Solutions for reducing

We contribute to the realization of a decarbonized and recycling-oriented society from both hardware and software perspectives.

We are developing a modal shift that combines rail transportation not only in Japan but also in Vietnam and Indonesia, contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions. In Thailand, we have introduced EV trailers that do not emit GHG or harmful gases. We are also collaborating with carriers in Air transport to popularize and expand the use of SAF, a sustainable aviation fuel. We are also focusing on the development and operation of returnable logistics containers that contribute to resource and cost savings, with the aim of realizing a recycling-oriented society. Furthermore, we are working to reduce our environmental impact from every aspect, including installing LED lighting and solar panels at our main facilities, switching to electricity derived from renewable energy, and visualizing CO2 emissions.

Nissin 's green management initiatives

IT systems &

Utilizing DX, we will create new logistics services that are compatible with the digital society.

Leveraging our many years of experience and extensive knowledge in international logistics, we have developed and provided Forward ONE, a digital forwarding service that improves operational efficiency and reduces burden on customers. You can calculate international shipping costs, check ship schedules and transport space, make booking requests, manage Loading progress, track ships, etc. all on the online site. On the other hand, HACO Lab., a returnable logistics container operation service, provides one-stop services ranging from "development and proposal" to "system management" and "international logistics" for logistics containers tailored to product characteristics and transportation conditions. Furthermore, we are actively working on innovations in logistics services using DX, such as visualizing the transportation status of global cargo using IoT and fully computerizing trade operations.

IT systems &

Highly specialized

By transportation mode and industry,
We have "logistics professionals" with specialized knowledge and advanced skills.

As A pioneer in internatinal multimodal logistics, we have focused on securing and developing highly specialized human resources. Currently, our company has approximately 150 people who have obtained the highly difficult national qualification `` Customs clearance Broker'' with an average passing rate of approximately 15%, and they are active as Customs clearance clearance professionals. Furthermore, for nearly half a century since introducing an overseas training system in 1977, we have cultivated a large number of specialized human resources with global business acumen and practical international logistics knowledge and skills. In addition, since cargo handling methods and transportation modes differ greatly depending on the industry, such as automobiles, chemicals, food, electrical/electronic, and pharmaceuticals, we have a wealth of specialized knowledge and advanced skills in each industry and transportation format. By training and deploying human resources, we are able to provide high value-added logistics services.

Highly specialized
We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
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