Biodiversity conservation

Nature conservation efforts

Forest regeneration partner system

Since January 2019, our company has been participating in the Kanagawa Prefecture water source forest creation project "Forest Regeneration Partner" system.

We believe that cooperating with water source forest conservation activities will lead to environmental conservation in all fields in which we conduct our logistics business: land, sea, and air, and we will implement activities rooted in Kanagawa, where we were founded, in partnership with the government. I decided to do so.

Our group's naming rights forest (approximately 9 ha) in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture has been named ``Forest Connecting the Earth, the Ocean, and the Sky.''

Forest regeneration partner system 01
Forest regeneration partner system 02

Mangrove planting

Mangroves not only absorb CO2, but also serve as habitats for fish, shellfish, birds, and mammals, and are important for protecting biological diversity. Indonesia has the largest mangrove forest area in the world, but it is shrinking year by year due to logging and development.

PT. NISSIN TRANSPORT INDONESIA, an overseas group company, participates in a tree-planting program by receiving a planting plot in a corner of a mangrove forest through donations to a local environmental NGO. In November 2022, with the cooperation of forest farmers, employees worked in a green conservation area near Jakarta and planted 300 mangrove trees.

Mangrove planting 01
Mangrove planting 02

Donation to Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund, a public trust

Our company has been making donations to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund since fiscal 2021. This fund is used to support projects such as natural resource management, environmental education, afforestation, and protection of rare animals conducted by NGOs in various countries and regions, including Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. I am. Through this donation, we will strive to realize a society that coexists with the natural environment and conserves biodiversity.

Donation to Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund, a public trust

CW Nicole. Afan Forest Foundation “5 Senses” Project

Nissin NISSIN TRAVEL SERVICE CO., LTD., a group company, has established the CW Nicol Foundation, whose board of directors is CW Nicol, a well-known environmental activist and author, under the corporate slogan "Helping travel that is kind to people and the earth."We support the activities of the Afan Forest Foundation.

Supporting the "5 Senses"project, which aims to regenerate the Afan Forest in Shinanomachi, Nagano Prefecture, into a diverse forest where flora and fauna coexist, and invite children from orphanages and families affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are doing this.

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