Ocean transport

Ocean transport
Our Ocean transport services provide customers with seamless services around the world, such as reliable schedules, reduced ocean freight costs, and prompt delivery through partnerships with overseas Nissin Group and major agents.


As a pioneer in International multimodal Transport, we deliver peace of mind to our customers in every corner of the world with our motto of "trust and sincerity" through our more than 40 years of experience and Nissin 's overseas network.

Feature 1

We provide LCL (Consolidation) and FCL cargo transportation, which is the core service of International multimodal Transport transportation, globally, and our main feature is that we provide detailed services that utilize our own domestic CFS facilities and the facilities of overseas subsidiaries, as well as a variety of services. We can handle various types of cargo.

We are one of the few NVOCC companies that have sales staff with extensive overseas experience who can design effective transportation plans, taking into account local circumstances.
We strive every day to transport our customers' cargo in the best possible environment.

Bridging the gap between shippers and leading shipping companies using accumulated know-how

Feature 2

Since our establishment in 1956, we have a history of more than 60 years, and have been acting as an agent for various shipping companies as the times have changed.
Nowadays, we operate in China, where many goods travel as the world's factories, and as a collection agent for SINOTRANS CONTAINER LINES and SITC CONTAINER LINES, we provide a wide range of Japan-China routes and FCL services.

We have full-time staff who are familiar with Chinese affairs and are fluent in Chinese, so we promise to provide reliable follow-up on essential local circumstances.

Experts who have established Intermodal transportation and work systems from Installation to Carrying in and installation, including plant exports, domestic and overseas factory relocation, and new construction work.

Feature 3

By utilizing our overseas network and collaborating with major local companies, we provide a `` International multimodal Transport system'' that consistently handles everything from packaging, Loading, and Ocean transport to inland transportation at overseas locations.

Construction work/ Heavy Cargo transportation
Based on more than 50 years of experience and track record, we safely, accurately, and quickly perform construction of various plants, assembly and installation of machinery, Installation Piping, etc. both domestically and overseas.
In addition, depending on the request, we work together with the customer from the construction planning stage, conducting on-site surveys as well as creating cost estimates and construction guidelines.
Construction related (domestic construction/overseas construction)
Disassembly, assembly and installation of domestic, import and export machinery and various plants, Installation Piping, relocation of factory equipment, clean room work, etc.
Transportation related
Transportation of Heavy Cargo and Large size cargo and incidental work.

Construction business permition number: Minister of Construction permition (General) No. 14827)

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We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
Please feel free to contact us. Our sales representative will explain the details in detail.