Automotive related transportation

Automotive related transportation

  • International shipping
  • Automobile related

We provide door-to-door services while paying close attention to delicate temperature control and shock prevention.

Background/Customer issues

I want to transport cars and transportation equipment that require safe and reliable handling.

Working towards a solution

Working towards a solution
  • Export/import of automobiles
    We efficiently import and export vehicles using our vast vehicle terminals in Chiba and Yokohama and our highly skilled staff.

  • Handling of confidential vehicles
    We also handle the transportation of many special vehicles for which there is no substitute, such as prototype vehicles, not only in Japan but also overseas.

We provide transportation tailored to your needs, including handling at the departure and arrival points, transportation methods, packaging specifications, and cost reduction. We propose packaging specifications that control temperature and minimize shock during transportation.


We utilize our extensive experience and know-how to meet the needs of our customers.

We will propose the optimal transportation route, transportation method, storage, and moving to suit your needs.
Please feel free to contact us. Our sales representative will explain the details in detail.