December 1938 Established "Nissin Transport Co., Ltd." in Kawasaki City
October 1942 Head office moved to Yokohama City
March 1946 Changed company name to “NISSIN SHOJI CO., LTD.”
May 1947 Head office moved to 6-84 Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama.
November 1948 Kobe branch established
January 1950 Trade name changed to "Nissin Transportation & Warehousing Co., Ltd."
April 1950 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
April 1950 Started port cargo handling business at Yokohama Port.
July 1954 Head office building (former head office) completed
November 1954 Tokyo branch established
June 1956 Acquired Kanagawa Warehouse land and building from Kanagawa Wharf Warehouse and started operations.
May 1958 Osaka branch established
December 1959 Opened Sapporo office
April 1960 Opened Kawasaki Office
August 1961 Kanagawa Wharf completed and wharf operations started as Nissin Pier.
April 1969 Chiba Branch established
July 1969 Established Sapporo branch
May 1973 Listed on the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange
December 1973 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT USA, INC." in the United States.
January 1974 Established local subsidiary Nissin Transport Warehouse (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.
July 1975 London branch office opened
April 1978 Separated the airline passenger department and established "Nissin NISSIN TRAVEL SERVICE CO., LTD."
April 1981 Separated the Sapporo branch and established "Hokkaido Nissin Transportation & Warehousing Co., Ltd." (current trade name: HOKKAIDO NISSIN CORPORATION)
October 1981 Established Tokyo office by integrating offices in the Tokyo area (5 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
March 1983 Established "NISSIN AIR CARGO CO., LTD." upon Airfreight forwarder license.
October 1983 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN TRANSPORT(S) PTE.LTD." in Singapore
October 1983 Separated London branch office and established local subsidiary "NISSIN (UK) LTD." in the UK.
October 1984 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN TRANSPORT (CANADA) INC." in Canada.
January 1985 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN TRANSPORT GmbH" in West Germany
October 1985 Changed company name to “Nissin Corporation” (current name)
October 1987 Established local subsidiary "SIAM NISTRANS CO.,LTD." in Thailand.
December 1987 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN TRANSPORT GES.MBH" in Austria
October 1988 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN TRANSPORTES ESPANA SA" in Spain
April 1992 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN FRANCE SAS" in France
August 1992 Established a joint venture company "Shanghai Gaosin Trade & Warehousing Industrial Co., Ltd." (current trade name: SHANGHAI GAOSIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD.) in Shanghai, China.
June 1994 Established local subsidiary "NISTRANS (M) SDN.BHD." in Malaysia.
February 1995 Established a joint venture "Changshu Nissin-Sinotrans Transportation Co., Ltd." in Changshu, China.
March 1995 Established NISSIN AIRPORT SERVICE CO., LTD. handles ground services within Kansai International Airport.
March 1997 Established a joint venture "Jiangsu Nissin-Sinotrans International Transportation Co., Ltd." (current trade name: NISSIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS(C)CO., LTD.) in Nanjing, China.
April 1997 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN BELGIUM NV" in Belgium
December 1997 Established joint venture “NISSIN TRANSPORT PHILIPPINES CORPORATION” in the Philippines.
May 1999 Established joint venture company "NISSIN ABC LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED" in India
July 2000 Established local subsidiary "NISTRANS INTERNACIONAL DE MEXICO, S.DE RLDE CV" in Mexico
August 2004 Established local subsidiary "PT. NISSIN TRANSPORT INDONESIA" in Indonesia.
March 2005 Established local subsidiary "LLC NISSIN RUS" in Moscow, Russia
November 2005 Established a joint venture NISSIN-SINOTRANS INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD. in Beijing, China.
May 2006 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN LOGISTICS (VN) CO., LTD." in Vietnam.
June 2007 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN LOGISTICS POLAND SP.ZO.O." in Poland.
November 2009 “TSURUMI WAREHOUSE CO., LTD.” became a subsidiary.
February 2012 Established joint venture “LAO NISSIN SMT CO., LTD” in Laos
June 2012 Established a local subsidiary, Nissin (Shenzhen) Freight Agency Co., Ltd., in Shenzhen, China.
October 2013 “SHANGHAI GAOSIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD.” became a subsidiary.
March 2014 Established joint venture "PT.NISSIN JAYA INDONESIA" in Indonesia
May 2014 Head office moved to current location (6-81 Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
January 2017 Established local subsidiary "NISSIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS (M) SDN.BHD." in Malaysia.
March 2017 “Changshu Nissin-Sinotrans Transportation Co., Ltd.” (current trade name: NISSIN (CHANGSHU) INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD.) became a subsidiary.
April 2019 Established a joint venture in Taiwan, Nissin Nismo International Logistics Co., Ltd.
January 2022 Established "NISSIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS(C)CO., LTD." in Shanghai, China
February 2022 Moved Tokyo Head Office to current location (1-6-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
April 2022 Moved to Tokyo Stock Exchange prime market
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