Joining the Battery Association of Japan

May 28, 2024

We have recently joined the Battery Association of Japan (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "Battery Association") as an associate member.


The Battery Association of Japan is a domestic battery industry association (as of April 2024) with 15 regular member companies and 96 supporting member companies, mainly battery manufacturers. Its purpose is to promote the healthy development of the battery and battery accessory industry and related industries by conducting research and studies on batteries and battery accessories, and promoting policies related to environmental conservation, recycling, standardization, quality performance, and product safety, thereby contributing to the promotion of industry and contributing to ensuring safety and improving the quality of life of the people.


As one of the "New Business Areas" that are the priority measures of the Seventh Medium-Term Business Plan, we are working to address the issue of "storage, transportation, and recycling of used lithium-ion batteries," which is likely to become a social issue in the near future. We are currently examining and developing new logistics-related businesses related to "shipping and related services."


By participating in the Battery Association of Japan, we will not only share the many issues surrounding "lithium-ion batteries," but also provide our functions and knowledge as a logistics company, as we strive to realize a sustainable battery-utilizing society.


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