digital forwarding service "Forward ONE" releases new functions "Work progress management and vessel movement tracking"

June 6, 2024

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. has begun offering a "work progress management and vessel movement tracking feature" for its digital forwarding service "Forward ONE."

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With the newly released "Work Progress Management/Vessel Tracking" feature on "Forward ONE," progress information on each work we arrange can be visualized, and the delivery of Loading documents can also be centrally managed on the site. Tracking information is also automatically updated daily, and if there are any changes or delays to work or vessels, you will be notified promptly via push notification.

[Features of the new function]

  • Automatic vessel movement updates

    We will automatically update your arrival and departure dates, and notify you promptly in the event of any delays or changes.

  • Progress information visualization

    The import/export process is displayed in an easy-to-understand list, and the progress of each step is visualized.

  • Centralized management of Loading documents

    It is possible to store Loading documents for each shipment and share them among members.

  • Chat Communication

    The chat function within the shipping project allows members to exchange messages with each other.

[New Feature Briefing]

We will be holding a free online seminar regarding this new feature. Please join us as our developers will explain the details of the new features.


date and time

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 14:00-14:45


Zoom Webinar (free)

  • Please note that we may decline participation for customers in the same industry.

[Future development and service provision plans]

In addition to a "cargo insurance quote search function" and "display of individual quoted prices for each customer," Forward ONE is currently developing features such as "display of estimated CO2 emissions by transport mode in the quote search results" and "multilingual display," which will be made available in the future.

(Development Roadmap)

As an international logistics service site that places emphasis on ease of understanding and use, "Forward ONE" will continue to provide highly convenient functions for customers and, together with its partner companies, will vigorously promote the efficiency of trade practices and import/export arrangements.

[digital forwarding service Forward ONE]

"Forward ONE" is a service that aims to improve the efficiency of operations and reduce the burden on all parties involved by carrying out all operations between customers and forwarder, such as "calculating international logistics fees, referring to shipping schedules, placing orders, receiving documents, managing work progress, and tracking the movement of vessels," all on an online site.

Previously, when customers made import/export arrangements, they would exchange documents with Customs clearance brokers and forwarder via email, and they would need to check with each person in charge regarding the progress of Loading operations and changes to the ship's status.

At the same time, the momentum for increasing the efficiency and visibility of trade practices has been growing over the past few years, and the provision of more accurate progress information and timely management of budgets and actual results have become essential added value for international logistics services.

Our mission is to "contribute to the sustainable development of society through logistics services," and we will provide our customers with new services and added value through digital forwarding service "Forward ONE," which incorporates our network in 24 countries and regions around the world and our 85 years of international logistics know-how.

[Contact information]

DX Promotion Department Digital Forwarding Promotion Division Forward ONE Team

Phone: 03-3238-6583

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